Marvel Movie Magic – Jacob and the Captain America Double Feature

Oh Marvel Universe, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Jacob really, really, really wanted to see the new Captain America movie.

I have been a Marvel fan since I was a kid and I’m really a geek at heart so of course, I wasn’t going to deny him or myself the pleasure of watching the Marvel Universe in live action on the big screen. It just so happened that the local AMC was hosting a Captain America double feature last Thursday evening. How could we pass that up? I was all in and so was Jacob. The show started at 5:30pm and would end close to 11:00pm. If Jacob was going to make it through (as well as myself), I would need a plan.

I bought the tickets online in advance so there was no waiting and I packed his medicine, along with wet wipes, hand lotion, an extra shirt and a bottle of water. No blanket! Too hot lol.



We left early so that we could eat in the food court before entering the theatre. Eating ahead of time made sure that we didn’t spend too much at the concession but of course, we still had to buy the usual pretzels and drinks. This time, we also split a pizza for the second show.

I like to sit either at the back of the theatre or in the middle where there is a landing and enough room for Jacob to stretch out. He gets restless and being cramped without being able to stretch his legs means that he won’t make it through the long haul. Sometimes, he has to run to the bathroom and because he can be clumsy, it’s so much easier for Jacob to just get up and go without any obstacles in his way or bothering anyone else. This time, the middle section was full so we decided on the back where there was plenty of leg room and we still had a great view of the screen.

Jacob was understandably excited and talked non-stop during the pre-show ads on screen and got quite loud at one point. There were two young gentleman about 4 seats down from us (there were only 10 seats in our section) and one of them got a bit upset, telling Jacob,

“Uh, dude. Could you like, just not talk?”


 Jacob immediately apologized (That’s mah boy!) and explained that he got a little too excited and he’ll try better. We had a few minutes before the movie started so I decided to go to the loo. I told Jacob to stay put and not talk to anyone. He’s always good at staying in his seat so I had no problem leaving him alone for a few moments though I knew it was futile expecting him to stay silent LOL. As I passed by the two men, I whispered to them, “Hey guys, he’s mentally challenged. Can you cut him a little slack?”

Now I find that just saying “Mentally Challenged” says everything. I don’t have to explain a diagnosis they might not understand and I’ve found that people immediately lower their guard and a wave of instant understanding comes over their faces. They get it and Jacob acquires instant allies. In this case, it worked like a charm. I came back from the loo and found them talking up a storm with Jacob about everything Marvel.


“Mom! I made two friends!” Jacob beamed and I said, “Thank you.” to the young men.


Once the movie started, they had messed up the 3D so we couldn’t hear or see very well for the first 10 minutes. I heard others blame their 3D glasses as I had and then several people got up to fetch a manager. Jacob was surprisingly calm about the fact that they did not start the movie over. We continued to watch and Jacob was fine with all of it.

Well, okay then.


Intermission came around so Jacob made his trip to the loo. When he returned, we decided to split a pizza but I didn’t want him at the concession waiting. I decided to go myself, at the urging of the two young men who said that they would keep him company. The pizza was taking much longer than expected so I was getting nervous. A man who was sitting in front of us with his wife, came up to the line beside me and asked, “Is that your son that you have with you?”

I said that he was and then he began to tell me about his daughter being exactly like Jacob in the way she talked and acted. He said that they could be twins, they were so much alike. We talked for a few minutes while we waited for our food and he assured me that Jacob was doing fine and staying in his seat. He then he asked me if he could buy Jacob an ice cream because he was such a good kid.

We finally got out of the concession and back into our seats in time for the lights to dim and the trailers to begin. While I was at the concession, apparently our two rows of people (including the two young men) had started chatting about the movie and the Marvel Universe, so Jacob was in his element and a very happy camper when we returned. The pizza and ice cream made it a big party LOL

Well, The film started playing and everyone started saying, “Uh…is this a flashback?” No trailers, just the exact same scene from the first movie.

This is why I love Marvel fans; nobody got angry. In fact, people started laughing and cracking jokes. Someone yelled out, “Epic Fail!” and people laughed. More people started yelling at the screen since the movie kept playing…Spoiler Alerts dead ahead:

“Don’t open the crypt!” Giggles.
“Don’t drop it!” More giggles.
“It’s in the wall!” Laughter.

Jacob yelled out, “Where’s the blood and gore?!” That got a few laughs, too.

The manager walked in and apologized to us. Someone shouted out, “So, free popcorn for everybody?!”

We actually got free movie tickets! Jacob asked her, “We get a free movie?” When she said, “Yes!”, he yelled, “SCORE!”

His favourite word at present.

  The trailers started playing and we all whooped and hollered and enjoyed ourselves because more Marvel movies were coming out this summer. Jacob got his blood and gore (sort of lol) during a big fight scene. Several people in our rows yelled, “There ya go!” and looked at Jacob so he was happy. People talked or shouted or laughed in all the right places during the movie and though Jacob was wired for sound, nobody minded because he wasn’t interrupting the show. He got up and moved around, he stretched in the aisle but nobody minded. Black Widow made her appearance so of course, Jacob shouted, “SCORE!” and everyone laughed.

There’s a magic that happens with the Marvel Universe and it carries over into other realms of fantasy but also into real life. People are happy and excited, friendly and forgiving. I have never hesitated taking Jacob to see these movies because the atmosphere is so welcoming. 


Marvel movies are magic. The Marvel Universe is magical and the fans…The fans are simply amazing. (Marvelous sound too cheesy? Maybe LOL)

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  1. I can’t imagine a better day together! As I read this you had me smiling happy tears at the good in people when given the opportunity! What a fabulous memory for you both and really for the others that took part in your happy day! 🙂
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