It’s All About Me

That’s me; the Basket Case. I am 45 (ack!), married the love of my life 25 years ago and by some miracle, we are still together. We have three gorgeous sons. All four ‘boys’ are responsible for making me the basket case that I am today. Andrew is 22, Jacob is 21 and has to tell the whole world about it, and Cayden just turned 20. My husband is Charles and he is (ahem…He’s shy about his age so I’ll just say that he’s still under 50–for another 6 months hehe). The two oldest are on the Autism Spectrum. Jacob is also Bi-Polar. Cayden, though he doesn’t like to admit it, is your typical, know it all young adult (I say that with love). This blog is about my life raising two boys with special needs and their awesome little brother, with a few extras thrown in for good measure. I can be explicit so consider this your warning. Read at your own risk 😉Me

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