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"I Don’t Like Pain. It Hurts Me" — Daffy Duck

I’ve mentioned before that I was in a car accident.  That was over a year ago and we are STILL fighting with the insurance company. Basically, I am doing their job by gathering my medical records to prove things that I really shouldn’t have to.  Because of their incompetence, I have not been able to get physical therapy for my shoulder that was dislocated in the accident. Some days are okay but other days, like the last 3, make it extremely difficult to function properly.

I have a prescription for pain medicine to use in times of need.  I am a light weight when it comes to meds (I’m also a very cheap drunk haha) so the stuff hits me HARD.  It is not in anyone’s best interest for me to use these meds if I need to take care of Jacob so Tylenol and Ibuprofen are the drugs of choice until my awesome hubby gets home from work. Then, it’s lights out LOL

Today, Jacob has been very cooperative and calm so it’s been easy for me to veg on the couch, getting up every so often to check the computer. It’s my vice and I NEED it.  Monday, Jacob was not so forgiving but honestly, it’s not his fault.  He is bipolar and though it’s under control for the most part, he does have his manic episodes. Monday was one of them.

Before Jacob was diagnosed as Bipolar, he cycled moods several times an hour.  We were walking on egg shells around this kid, never knowing what was going to set him off, also knowing that it could be something as mundane as a spot on the wall that would send him into a frenzy.  His usual remedy for that was a good swift kick to said spot on the wall to turn it into a nice hole in the wall.  I should have taken out stock in Spackle a long time ago. We’d be rich by now.

The child never slept for the first three years of his life and I am not exaggerating!  He would nap for an hour or two and then stay awake for the next 18 hours or more. He was diagnosed as ADHD when he was 3 and put on medication to help him sleep.  I have never been more grateful for medicine in my entire life! The child slept!!!  I slept!!! It would be another 6 years before he was diagnosed Bipolar but at least life was a bit more tolerable.

Back to three days ago. As I said, Jacob still has manic episodes but they don’t cycle nearly as much anymore.  He could go weeks without an episode but when it happens, it’s still a challenge for both of us.  Monday was a challenge because he did not nap and he did not sleep for two nights in a row. Charles had to work the next morning so it was up to me to take care of Jacob.  This is much harder when you are in pain.

I still have no idea what made my shoulder start aching so badly but it’s a moot point. The point is that it was sore and I had to deal with a child who was hell bent on doing what he wanted to do.  At times like these, all I can really do is leave him to his own devices as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, including himself (and boy I’ve got stories!! Hahaha)  This time, he was fixated on getting cable TV to his bedroom.

We moved Jacob’s room downstairs to the dining room because he refused to sleep in his bedroom anymore.  The kid hates to be alone and he felt isolated upstairs.  There was also the fact that the dogs are not allowed up there so he could not cuddle with Molly.  He took to the couch to sleep so he could do just that.  Having his room downstairs has its own challenges but it’s really much better than it was.  It made it a lot easier to watch him while I spent most of my time on the couch, nursing my shoulder.

The dining room/Jacob’s new bedroom was not equipped with a cable outlet.  Jacob spent an hour in the garage, rifling through his Dads assortment of cables and wires, looking for something that would satisfy his mission. He found a couple of them and tried to hook them up in the family room and run the cable to his room.  The family room outlet was already in use so that was a bust.  

When something doesn’t go Jacob’s way, he throws a tantrum.  Sometimes they are mild, sometimes they are destructive.  We don’t allow him to destroy things anymore or hurt himself so we learned to restrain him safely a long time ago.  However, it wasn’t an option with my shoulder in such bad shape so I had to be extra careful in what I said to him and try to convince him to let it go until Dad got home to help him. This is not an easy task when you are in pain, as all I wanted to do was tear him a new one and knock him out cold. Not an option, obviously LOL.  After an hour of me talking through my ass, he finally settled down to think about other options. Waiting for Dad was not one of them.

Finally, he remembered that he had a cable outlet in his room. Duh me…Had I been thinking clearly (sans pain) I probably would have come up with this idea all by myself.  !@^#^!%#$^&*  Since his room upstairs was empty, he hooked it up and ran the cable to his TV in his room. SUCCESS!  Thank the heavens above because I needed a break but that was way off.  There was still the challenge of getting his TV to behave.  Easier said than done because in his manic state, every glitch prompted a slew of expletives and a flurry of blows to his own head. All I could do was talk to him because I am a dimwit when it comes to electronics. Somehow on his own, he managed to get it to scan the channels and now has cable in his new room!  Smart cookie, my boy!

The only thing Jacob can’t do right now is watch recordings on the DVR from his room but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much.  He has a PS3 and therefore access to YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus. With cable, that makes him a happy camper.

It was 3:30 am Monday night before Jacob fell asleep.  He woke up early yesterday and I was exhausted but coffee helped.  I’ve been hitting the herbal tea and enjoying it but there really is no substitute for coffee when all you want to do is keel over and sleep for a week.  The coffee kept me going until hubby got home from work.  I took a pain pill and crashed for a few hours. Jacob didn’t nap yesterday so he was a little grumpy but kept himself busy. I woke up around 11pm, tucked him in, checked my computer (junkie that I am) and fell back to sleep around 4am.

Jacob has settled in nicely this morning and it has made it a lot easier to deal with my shoulder pain.  I’ve also managed to get a load of laundry started and watched a show on HGTV.  Not too shabby for only 1pm. I’m hoping that the rest of the day will be as easy and if we are lucky, Jacob will have a nap so I can too LOL. 

I consider us both lucky that we survived the past couple of days.  I never lost my cool and Jacob managed to come out of the manic episode relatively unscathed.  He’s quite happy with the amenities in his new room so it is making life a little easier on everyone.

Here’s hoping the rest of the day goes as smoothly…I almost typed ‘week’.  Ha! Wishful thinking but in this house, life is lived one moment at a time!

Next up, taking care of that blasted insurance fiasco. Wish me luck!


Crisis Narrowly Averted

You would think that after almost 21 years of being this child’s parent, I would learn a thing or two about damage control.  Apparently, I still have something to learn. 

Cayden has a full time job so he likes to treat Jacob now and then.  He made plans to buy season passes today for our local amusement/water parks and take Jacob this afternoon. The weather has been crazy this week so we told Jacob every day this week, that the outing might not happen because of the weather. Jacob seemed okay with this and I thought I was thinking ahead nicely and thwarting disaster should the weather stay icky.  What I hadn’t planned on was that if something else prevented the outing, he would not be so calm about it. 

 Cayden bought the passes this morning and I drove them to the park.  They had to get pictures taken for their passes but I had no idea which entrance so I decided to wait while Cayden took his brother to the front gate. I saw Cayden talk to the person for a minute and then saw the sour look on Jacob’s face.  Uh oh…I thought perhaps I had the wrong entrance so I wasn’t going to get too anxious.

The boys walked back to the car and told me that the park was only open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays throughout May. Jacob started crying and getting really angry and my heart sunk into my stomach. Meltdown imminent. 

 I had deliberately checked out out the parks website to see if they were actually open yet.  I saw nothing that mentioned the dates except those for concerts, beginning last month.  There’s a possibility, of course, that I missed seeing it but for the life of me, I couldn’t find it so I figured that if the concerts were starting, the park was open. We saw bunches of people in line for rides and the parking lot was full so all was well.  Wrong.

 To Jacob, he would never be able to go to the amusement park because his brother worked on weekends and on top of that, he would have to pay his brother back for the season pass because he’d never use it. This is how his mind works. He didn’t understand that it was only for the month of May and that Dad and I could take him one of these weekends if he wanted to go. We could just pay for a day pass. After June, Cayden could take him anytime on his days off.

I am grateful that I didn’t have to deal with a full scale meltdown in public or while I was driving. It took us a while but with the help of a Braum’s cheeseburger and both Cayden and I explaining things to him, he calmed down and understood. Funny how food can make things a bit better. We made it home in one piece and he’s currently napping on the couch with his dog, Molly.

Not once had I thought ahead to another disaster scenario. I really thought the worst that could happen was the weather so I definitely made notes for future reference.  Crisis averted. Lesson learned. 

Now, I’ll spend the next week or more thinking about how I could have done things differently and mentally beat myself up repeatedly because I feel stupid for not picking up the phone in the first place. What I won’t do is reach for the junk food, though.  Getting things out on this blog actually helps more than I ever thought it would and the one thing I don’t feel like doing is eating myself into oblivion.  That’s a start in the right direction.