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This is me and my better half (shhhh, I let him think that).
Please excuse the mess. I’m working on being awesome as a blogger (am I there yet? lol) and it’s taking more time than I bargained for.

Note the navigation above. I’ve moved some things around and you’ll find my blog posts under the heading “My Blog”. Ha…Duh. I might have to install a virtual slap button because there are sure to be more of my special brand of humour that nobody appreciates. No worries. I’m used to it. I live with men. They don’t get how awesome I am. Their loss, right?! Right!

There’s so much going on in my life right now that I feel the need to share more than ever. This website, along with my Facebook page, is therapeutic for me. We are from Northern Canada but live in Central Oklahoma. It’s difficult to lean on family when they are so far away and I long for a community of people with like minds. The Autism community is truly one of the best and I hope to expand it through my website.

Being a Mom is hard. Being a Mom of kids with special needs is even harder. This website is a way for me to share what keeps me going day to day and maybe someone will relate and maybe another someone will learn. Maybe someone will have some great advice for me and everyone else. As I said, this is a community and in a community, there is so much to be gleaned from others’ experiences! It’s so darned exciting that I can’t contain myself!

Feel free to poke around and find what interests you. I’ll be adding more and more content as the weeks go by, so check back frequently.
No pressure 😉

Thanks for visiting!!

Yours Truly,
Tamara @MomsaBasketCase



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